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Portal brings scalable confidential compute to any blockchain


Secure enclaves enable oracle nodes to run programs on encrypted data


Our optimized consensus protocol reaches finality faster and cheaper than any other oracle network


Unforgeable proofs guarantee that oracle nodes can only produce correct results

Our mission

At Portal, we believe in a future where technology is transparent and reliable, yet still keeps our data safe. We believe in a future that's technologically efficient, yet does not settle for irresponsible centralization.

Blockchain has emerged as a potential solution, providing insight into a future where we no longer need to trust central parties to perform services with integrity. In only a few short years, the field revolutionized finance and continues to grow rapidly, with new and creative use cases for smart contracts being conceived every day.

Unfortunately, there are limitations: all data is public by default and computations are intentionally throttled to ensure timely consensus. These hurdles make smart contracts very limited, costly, and inflexible.

Portal overcomes these limitations by providing an oracle service for off-chain computations, empowering smart contracts to be fast, scalable, and private. Portal helps Dapps reach their potential by enabling computations that scale well beyond what is possible today, including integrating with the latest trends in GPU computing to even perform complex AI and machine learning tasks.

At Portal, we unlock new possibilities in DeFi, GameFi, SoFi, healthcare, and beyond. Whether it's running a complex trading algorithm in Solana, encrypting an NFT on Ethereum, or building a newsfeed for a decentralized Twitter on Polkadot – we democratize compute for all Dapps. Help build the future of web3 and technology as a whole, one centered around transparency, privacy, and accessibility with Portal.

How it works

Portal provides a collection of performant oracle services with a focus on privacy. When a smart contract makes an oracle request, the specified oracle network performs the computation off-chain, with results that are backed by a proof. Upon fulfillment, the smart contract will only accept the results from the oracle network if it can successfully verify the proof.

Our oracle services are blockchain agnostic so we can seamlessly interoperate with your Dapp, regardless of your base chain.

Secure Environment

Trusted Execution Environments (TEEs) from a growing collection of chip manufactures guarantee the correctness of each and every response. Secure enclaves from the TEE protect your privacy from everyone, including the oracle network.

Decentralized Networks

We envision anyone can monetize the latent compute power of their compatible devices by participating as a node in an oracle network.

Through the use of our optimized consensus protocol, nodes can service requests at a faster rate. This means nodes can earn more rewards while providing a better UX for users.

Fully Customizable

Portal's specialized oracle networks provide performance that no existing L1 can offer without hard-forking, unlocking new use-cases. Even AI.

When equipped with fast GPUs, our oracle networks perform orders of magnitude faster than pure crypto (ZKPs/MPCs) or fully on-chain solutions.

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